Español 9

Text:  En Español 1

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Etapa Preliminar

Unidad 1 etapa 3 – Te presento a mi familia

Unit Exam Outline:

1.  la familia:  Know vocabulary related to family.  Know how to show relationships between people in a family.  Ex.  Pedro es el hermano de Marta.

2.  la fecha: Know the months of the year.  Know how to express dates.  Ex.  el veinte de marzo.

Be sure you know how to spell the months of the year.

3.  Números:  Know your numbers from 0-100.  Be sure you are able to spell numbers 0 – 31.

4.  Tener:  Means “to have”.  Be sure you know how to conjugate this verb.

5.  Preguntas personales:  You will be asked to answer some questions in complete sentences in Spanish.
Ex.  ¿Cuántos años tienes?
¿Cuál es la fecha de tu cumpleaños?
¿Cuántos hermanos tienes?

 Unidad 2 etapa 1 – Un día de clases

Click here for the pictures of vocabulary words related to “En la clase” that you need to learn.

 Click here for a list of -AR verbs that you must learn.  This list was given to you in class.

Click here for a PowerPoint flashcard presentation of all the verbs that we have learned so far.  You are expected to know the meanings of all these verbs!