PAC Overview

All families with students at Vic High Secondary School are members of the Parent Advisory Committee. Our meetings are on the second Monday of the month during the school year at 7:00 pm. We elect new board members in May for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members-at-Large. Our meetings are open to all school parents, guardians, and caregivers who wish to attend. At each meeting, the principal will report and we will have guest speakers as time and interest allow.

The PAC acts as a conduit of communication between the school administration and families. We comment on school and district priorities and advocate for our students. As members of VCPAC and BCCPAC there are additional resources we invite everyone to access. If you are interested in attending or facilitating an education event for parents at the school please contact us. Any presentations will be listed on the school website and will be communicated via email to all parents, guardians and caregivers. 

We organize Teacher Appreciation events at least once a year. Our primary sources of funding are the BC Gaming Grants and, currently, Caffe Fantastico Coffee orders and The Soap Exchange. If you have any ideas for fundraising and/or would like to organize one, please get in touch with us. We are always looking for ideas.

We welcome ideas for building our school community. We believe all members of our community can make a positive contribution.

Contact the executive @ if you have questions, don’t know how to get involved, would like to volunteer, or have a resource to offer. We would love to hear from you!

See ‘Upcoming Events’  under ‘News & Events’ for PAC meeting dates