Victoria High School is the oldest public high school west of Winnipeg and north of San Francisco. It was opened on August 7, 1876, to a class of twelve girls and twenty-two boys. The first Victoria High School was a log building with two classrooms, located on the grounds of Central Junior Secondary. By 1882, the facilities of the log building were inadequate and a new building, later known as Boys’ Central School, was opened. This, too, rapidly out-grew itself and a third Victoria High School was opened in 1902.

On May 1, 1914, the fouth Victoria High was opened at the new location, Grant and Camosun. The Fairey Technical-Vocational Unit was opened in 1949, and the main building was enlarged in 1956. These building, with their extensive grounds, provide first class facilities for our student body. In May of 2001, we celebrated our 125th anniversary with three days of festivities and nearly 3000 alumni returning to visit their roots. When you graduate, you will become part of our alumni community.