Grad – Google Classroom

Google Classroom Signup

If you do not have a account, please refer to Student GAFE Account Sign Up below:

Course Code: t3s7bt7

To join a class with a course code: t3s7bt7

  1. Login to Google Classroom at
  2. Click + .
  3. Enter the code ‘t3s7bt7‘ in the box and click Join.

 Student GAFE Account Sign Up

  1. Go to:
  2. Go to: Parent and Student Resources Tab
  3. Select: Student GAFE Account
  4. Click > Request/Renew an Account
  5. If requested, enter your Student Number and Password (the same one you use to log into the school computers and wifi)
  6. Scroll DOWN
    • Your name should show up on the bottom of the page as part of a user agreement statement
  7. Read the terms and conditions, check off you have done so, and click Request Account
    • You will immediately see your login information.  Record This!
    • Example:  
    • Your default password is gafegafe
    • You will be asked to change your password on first log in.
  8. Wait and try to log in.  It may take up to two hours for your account to be active.

Google Classroom Instructions: