About Us

Victoria High is a wonderful school. For 139 years Vic High has been a dominant educational influence in Victoria, and has provided interesting and challenging opportunities for its students. Vic High continues to offer a wide range of academic choices ranging from basic to honours levels in most academic subjects, and an extensive range of electives including technology, fine arts, home economics, career preparation and apprenticeship opportunities, as well as English as a Second Language courses and physical education. The impressive buildings and grounds provide first-class facilities for our students. Renovations completed in 1979 and 1998 have enhanced and modernized the heritage structure. The addition in 2011 of the Fairey Technical wing gives Vic High the newest, most advanced Applied Tech centre in Greater Victoria.

Because many thousands of Victorians have passed through this school, its great traditions and accomplishments are a continuing source of local pride. Its graduates have achieved distinction in every field of human endeavour. Perhaps no other institution in the city is more broadly representative of our community. Victoria High School has always welcomed and assimilated generations of new Canadians, has provided new opportunities for First Nations students, and has become a distinctive model of intercultural harmony.

Victoria High School presently enrolls about 850 students in grades 9 to 12.