Vic High Alumni

The Vic High Alumni Association helps keep the connection to Vic High for alumni by:

  • Supporting class reunions,
  • Sponsoring social functions and celebrations that promote Vic High,
  • Produce an annual newsletter, and now
  • Maintaining a website for the alumni.

The association also tries to help Vic High and its students directly by:

  • Funding scholarships and bursaries totalling approximately $6,000 each year,
  • Raising special funds for projects like refurbishing and purchasing a professional sound system for the auditorium, or purchasing a bus for the use of the school, and revitalization of our Memorial Stadium.
  • The association also supports and works with the Archives group that has assembled a truly remarkable collection of records chronicling many aspects of the school since its earliest days.

Visit the Vic High Alumni website to learn more about the association, and/or to donate to tax deductible Alumni fundraising initiatives, including the revitalization of our Memorial Stadium.