Attendance Phone: 250-388-5456
Attendance Email: Email

Our focus is on student achievement. We place a high priority on attendance: students cannot succeed if they are not in class.

To report a student absence, the parent/guardian is requested to contact us either by phone:


Or by email, .

Upon the student’s return to school, a note should be provided explaining the absence. This note will be taken by the student to each of his/her teachers to sign, before being handed in at the Main Office.

Vic High’s responses to absences:

  • For an excused absence (illness or other emergency situation), the teacher will collaborate with the student to complete the missed work in a timely manner.
  • For an unexcused absence the opportunity to make up work missed will be at the teacher’s discretion.
  • For an extended absence we ask that parents/guardians notify school staff well in advance (where possible).


If you are late arriving to school, you are to go directly to your class. You may be required to wait outside the classroom door until your teacher admits you.