Frequently Asked Questions:

What considerations will be made for supporting the transition to an unfamiliar site for students with IEPs?

Vic High’s inclusive education department tailors orientation plans for students in their care.  We work with our feeder schools to identify students who benefit from an extended orientation.  Some students may visit Vic High and ‘practice’ their high school routine many times before starting school here in September.  We are anticipating that we will have limited access to the Topaz campus during construction.  Orientation this spring will take place at the Vic High site and we will be working to gain access to the Topaz campus in August to allow for some orientation activities for students prior to school starting in September.


What contingencies are in place for campus safety at the Topaz location?

We anticipate continuing and enhancing, as needed, the routines and practices we employ at Vic High to keep our site safe at the Topaz campus.  Some examples include; evening security at high activity times (ie. Halloween), ramped up maintenance and administrative activities in August to dissuade inappropriate use and vandalism of the building, strong relationship with Vic PD, a comprehensive summer cleaning and maintenance of the school site, school day supervision (CUPE staff), administrative supervision.


Where can we see the plans for Vic High?

The board is still collecting feedback about the Vic High project.  We will work with the school board to provide information on the Vic High renovation/enhancements when approved.


How will students get to and from school, and back and forth between campuses?

We received some good feedback from parents and are reviewing our plans.  It is likely a combination of school district busing and public transit will be used to support student transportation.