Seismic Update

Summary of information presented on January 30, 2020.

Timeline – The SJ Willis school, 923 Topaz Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 2M2, is being thoroughly renovated and is on schedule for the majority of our programming to relocate there.  We have been referring to the renovated building as the Vic High Topaz Campus.

The plan is for us to return to a seismically reinforced and enhanced Vic High building (Fernwood) for Sept 2023.

The Topaz Campus will house comparable facilities for all current Vic High programming with the exception of our trades programs.

Hair, Dance, and Art Studios; Textile and Foods Labs and all traditional learning spaces should be comparable to current facilities at Vic High.

Musical Theatre and Theatre Production will be offered.  The production itself will be housed at a separate community, private or school theatre.  Discussions are underway as to what venue will best support our program.

PHE and Athletics – The district is working with the city to secure the use of the Topaz playing fields throughout our time at that site.  The Topaz campus will feature a renovated, competitive double gym for physical education programming and athletics.

Transportation – Student programming will be restricted in such a manner that students who have classes at the Vic High Fernwood Campus (Fairey tech wing) will take two matched classes in the morning or afternoon session.  School district bussing will support students who move between campuses over the lunch hour.

Our plan is to provide transit passes for students who are not eligible for the City of Victoria program.

We received considerable feedback requesting more information and planning around the transportation of students and we will be revising our plans.

Graduation – We will be working with the student grad committee to develop a process for the grad classes of  2022 and 2023 to be able to leave their mark in our attic.  A possible solution includes having the grad classes decorate and sign an item that is secured to the attic when construction is done.  We do not anticipate other grad events being disrupted.